Our Approach

R&D and Commercialization

Awakn has two core areas of activity:

Research & Development: R&D of new therapeutics to better treat addiction with a near-term focus on AUD and a medium-term focus on behavioral addictions such as Gambling Disorder (GD) Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder (CSBD), Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD).

Commercialization: Revenue generation: near-term through a limited number of wholly owned clinics in Europe and through out-licencing partnerships into the US addiction treatment clinic industry; medium-term revenue generation through therapeutics commercialization.

Business Model:


Research & Development

The purpose of our R&D program is to develop world-leading therapeutics to treat addiction


Build the platform to deploy the therapeutics developed in our R&D business

Generate clinical data to support interactions with regulators and payors

Generate revenue

Therapeutics Commercialization

Enable third party addiction treatment centres deploy more effective treatments to patients

How psychedelic-assisted therapy works

Existing addiction medicines target drug receptors in the brain, to reduce symptoms such as cravings. These have low long-term success rates for substance addiction, and offer no solution to behavioural addiction.

Our approach is different, delivering profound and long lasting changes over a single course of treatment.

Addiction – like anxiety, depression, and PTSD – is based on patterns of behaviour established in the brain, usually in response to trauma.

Our psychedelics disrupt the brain circuits that underlie these unhelpful patterns. They weaken neural connections linked to harmful thought patterns, opening the door for clients to rewrite constructive alternatives. By focusing on circuit mechanisms, not receptors, our approach has potential to work in behavioural addictions such as gambling, and for mental health conditions.

Through inducing these conditions that allow relearning of emotional responses, our psychotherapists can engage clients with root causes of their addiction.

This is an entirely new paradigm for mental health, where we are moving from palliative care towards permanent cure. We believe this is the biggest change to psychiatry in 100 years.

Read more about our Research and Clinical Trials and How our clinics will operate.

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