Intellectual Property Approach

We are creating a highly commercialisable IP portfolio of therapeutics for treating addiction.

To do so we are conducting ongoing clinical research programmes on ketamine and MDMA-assisted therapies, as well as creating and trialling a pipeline of novel patentable drugs with improved properties for treating addiction.

Our Therapy and Drug Development Pipeline


The Competitive Landscape


Therapeutics Development Strategy

Our therapeutics development strategy is broken in to three phases, to work in unison with regulatory approval of the drugs. In the near term we are working with Ketamine, which is a schedule 2 drug, this means it is available for clinical use under medical supervision in our clinics now. In the medium term we are focusing on MDMA, this is not currently available outside of research settings, however this is predicted to change soon with the FDA expected to approve it in 2023. In the Long term we are working on our own New Chemical Entities, which we believe we can make more effective than existing drugs and more efficient allowing them to be used in a clinical setting in a shorter treatment window of approx. 2 hours.

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