Revolutionary treatments
for addiction


Revolutionary treatments
for addiction

About Awakn

Awakn Life Sciences is a revenue-generating biotechnology company researching, developing, and commercializing therapeutics to treat addiction with a near-term focus on Alcohol Use Disorder

To provide effective therapeutics to addiction sufferers in desperate need

To commercialize our R&D pipeline across multiple channels

Drugs and therapies used in combination

Addiction is one of the world’s biggest unmet medical needs. Substance and behavioural addictions affect over 1.3¹ billion people worldwide. Yet all current treatments have high failure rates.

Awakn is developing a better solution to treat addiction: psychedelic therapeutics – drugs and therapies used in combination. We are a biotech company researching, developing and commercializing these therapeutics.

Through clinical trials, our team has shown that this approach has the potential to be more effective than any addiction treatment currently available. We now aspire to become the market leader in effective addiction treatment, meeting a vast global need that is failed by current approaches.


Addiction: The other pandemic

Between 15-20% of adults suffer from substance addictions¹, and many others from behavioural addictions.

Yet available treatments are poor. Just 16% of Alcohol Use Disorder sufferers seek treatment, and up to 75%² of those people relapse within 12 months. Behavioural addictions are so poorly served there is no good data available on either treatment or success rates.

Despite these high failure rates, $17bn³ per year (and rising) is spent by on private addiction treatment. The individuals footing this bill have a right to expect more.


Our unique evidence-based approach

Awakn is developing a revolutionary new approach for treating substance and behavioural addictions.

Based on new research, Awakn’s drugs uniquely target the brain circuits that drive addiction, through multiple receptors rather than the single drug receptors targeted by existing treatments. These circuits control the behavioural drivers of addiction. By focusing on circuit mechanisms rather than isolated receptors, our treatments have the potential to be effective in the treatment of both substance and behavioural addictions. 

This brain circuit-disruption allows the individual to engage with Awakn’s psychotherapeutic process in unique ways that enable clients to escape repetitive addictive behaviours and thoughts; and make long lasting positive changes.

Awakn’s team has successfully conducted the world’s only clinical trials of ketamine and MDMA in a therapeutic setting as treatments for alcohol use disorder. We are now conducting trials for other addictions, including gambling, Binge Eating Disorder, Internet Gaming Disorder and Compulsive Sexual Bahavior and building a pipeline of patentable psychedelic therapeutics that will create even more effective medicines in future.

Together, this gives us a world-beating proposition for tackling addiction.

Backed by the world’s leading experts

Working with the world’s leading research institutions


Investment Highlights

Significant market opportunity and proven science that can provide effective therapy to patients in desperate need.

Significant & Growing Market Opportunity

  • Substance & behavioural addiction treatment global opportunity is significant, growing, and underserved
  • 20% of global adult population suffer with substance addictions and many millions more suffer with behavioral addictions
  • Global addiction treatment industry is valued at >$100bn but lacks efficacy and innovation

Deep Pipeline Generating Revenue

  • Multiple opportunities for value creation across a range of addictions
  • Phase III lead asset de-risks pipeline
  • Pipeline developed with relatively low capital investment
  • Clinics already generating revenue in 2021, Therapeutics Commercializing starting Q1 2023

Science Supported by Data

  • Novel therapeutic approach with potential to treat both substance & behavioural addictions
  • Advanced development pipeline & multi-layered IP strategy to achieve deep IP ‘moat’
  • Powerful body of human data with efficacy

Highly Experienced Team

  • Global leading addiction experts - ‘punching above weight’ – across board & management teams
  • Track record of research, development and commercialization
  • Team assembled for Awakn’s future growth - founder led & insiders are significant investors
  • Supportive ‘blue chip’ investor base


1. Source: Prevalence of the Addictions: A Problem of the Majority or the Minority? Steve Sussman, Nadra Lisha, and Mark Griffiths
2. Source: “Treatment rates for alcohol use disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis” by Tesfa Mekonen.
3. Source: Reports and Data ( - Drug Addiction Treatment Market.

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