About us

AWAKN is a UK and European Union focused company that is dedicated to integrating psychedelics into mental healthcare. We work across three business lines of clinical research, therapeutic clinics and practitioner training.

Market Potential

Annual mental health cost to the UK economy £90bn

17.7% of the population affected by mental health issues annually

5% of the population affected by depression

3% of the population affected by alcohol and drug abuse


Our scalable solution to bring psychedelic therapy into mainstream UK & EU healthcare.

Clinical Trials

Delivering independent psychedelic research

Therapeutic Clinics

UK nationwide clinic platform

Practitioner Training

Creating the training standard

Clinical Trials

On-demand research and clinical trials – study design, enrollment, execution – for the medicalisation of psychedelic assisted therapy. Advancing mental health through pre-clinical, Phase I-III, regulatory submissions and IP creation.

– Clinical trial selection: AWAKN will work with our network of public and private stakeholders to identity and fund targeted areas for research.
– Clinical trial delivery: AWAKN will complete targeted clinical trials for the medicalisation of psychedelic assisted therapy.

Therapeutic Clinics

A revolutionary shift in the treatment approach for mental health disorders, under the leadership of psychiatric specialist, researcher, author and clinic founder, Dr. Ben Sessa.

– Highly trained expert clinicians, working with psychedelics under Schedule 2, for the treatment of multiple mental conditions.
– First of its kind psychedelic assisted psychotherapy administered in state-of-the-art clinics, with the first site in the psychedelic hub of the UK, Bristol.

Practitioner Training

Innovative psychedelic training for Psychiatrists and Psychologists to pivot into the future of mental health disorder treatments.

– In person training: Accredited training course for qualified practitioners, usually physiatrists
– Online Continuous Development (CPD) learning: Online full or half day accredited training for all medical practitioners with credits annual CPD targets


AWAKN™ Life Sciences is medically and scientifically directed by psychedelic author, researcher and Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Ben Sessa.

Professor David Nutt
Prof. David Nutt
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board
Dr Ben Sessa
Dr. Ben Sessa
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Matthew Johnson
Anthony Tennyson
Anthony Tennyson
Chief Executive Officer
Jonathan Held
Jonathan Held
Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Laurie Higbed
Dr. Laurie Higbed
Lead Psychologist
Dr. Dawn DeCunha
Dr. Dawn DeCunha
George Scorsis
Chairman, Corporate Board


The time of change has arrived. Evidence based findings for a new era of medical solutions.

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Clinic: Serbert Road, Portishead, Bristol, United Kingdom

Main Office: 366 Bay St, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 4B2, Canada