Awakn Life Sciences

Revolutionary treatments
for addiction.

Awakn Life Sciences

Revolutionary treatments
for addiction

About Awakn

Awakn Life Sciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing medication-assisted treatments (MAT) for addiction.

Awakn has a near-term focus on Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), a condition affecting approximately 51 million people in the US and key European markets and 285 million people globally for which the current standard of care is inadequate.

Our goal is to provide breakthrough treatments to addiction sufferers in desperate need and our strategy is focused on commercializing our R&D pipeline across multiple channels. 

Therapeutic Development Pipeline

Pipeline 2024 Jan

Addiction: The other pandemic

Approximately 51 million people in the US, UK, and EU big 4 markets, and 285 million people globally are affected by Alcohol Use Disorder1.

Yet available treatments are poor. Just 10% of Alcohol Use Disorder sufferers in the US, UK, and big 4 European markets seek treatment1, and up to 75% of those people relapse within 12 months1.

Because of the high prevalence of AUD and relatively low success rates for treatment the annual direct medical costs of AUD are significant: US$27-35bn in the US, US4bn in the UK, and US22bn in the EU big 41.


Our evidence-based approach

Awakn is developing a Medication-Assisted Treatments for Alcohol Use Disorder with potential to expand into other addiction in time.

Awakn’s MATs target the brain circuits that drive addiction. These circuits control the behavioural drivers of addiction.

This disruption allows the individual to escape from the repetitive addictive behaviours and thoughts, and in doing so engage with a psychotherapeutic process to enable lasting positive change.

Our therapies work in conjunction with our medicines enabling the patients to regain control over their lives and helping them to  learn new more adaptive ways to respond to addictive urges, cravings and the underlying  processes that drive them.

Our therapies are manualized and our protocols are condensed to ensure efficient use of healthcare resources, including people, time, and real estate.

Backed by the world’s leading experts

Awakn partners with pharma companies, state bodies and research institutes R&D



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2. Source: “Treatment rates for alcohol use disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis” by Tesfa Mekonen.
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