Awakn clinics: A new hope for addiction

Awakn’s clinics which will open in late 2021, will be CQC licenced and will deliver bespoke psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, to help clients overcome addiction, depression, PTSD and a number of other indications.

Our first treatment will be ketamine-assisted therapy – which will use dosing and therapy regimes developed through our KARE clinical trial.

This treatment is different to many existing ketamine treatments, which use ketamine as a short-acting antidepressant to supress symptoms, and view the dissociative responses as unwanted side-effects. Instead, Awakn clinicians carefully harness these experiences to develop a shared understanding of the client’s difficulties, and deliver a therapeutic treatment plan to address underlying traumas.

Our treatments are bespoke to each client, and may include a lower dose with self-reflection or a higher dose in which the client has a more intense, powerful, internal experience. Most courses will include 10-12 therapy sessions with 3-4 dosing sessions.

Clinics roll out schedule

We plan to rapidly scale from three UK and European clinics in 2021 to 20 clinics across Europe by 2024. From 2022 we will also licence this process as a package of medicines, training of our therapeutic process, and access to our bespoke digital patient management technologies, AI voice assessment and monitoring tools. This will allow our treatment to be quickly scaled around the world.

Initial treatment will be private, but we are working closely with health services and insurance companies to gain approvals, and we hope to make this life changing treatment available as widely as possible, as soon as possible.

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