New Chemical Entities

New Chemical Entities (NCE)


We are undertaking pre-clinical drug discovery to generate new molecules with even better properties than those presented by ketamine and MDMA, to treat both substance and behavioural addictions.

These include novel MDMA-like compounds to offer more rapid onset of activity and a shorter half-life. This would allow shorter therapy sessions and treatment of more patients at reduced costs. We also hope to increase efficacy and the range of disorders we can treat.

We have filed patents for multiple compounds with considerably more in development, and plan to start human trials in 2024. Our aim is to have a licensable product that’s even better than MDMA and Ketamine.

Our NCE programme builds on significant proprietary research and know-how on next generation MDMA molecules acquired from Professor David Nutt’s Equasy Enterprises. From this research We have new insights into how MDMA works that no one else has, and due to these, we believe we can deliver new molecules to improve the quality of MDMA-assisted therapy.

We have partnered with Evotec to develop our new molecules, they are one of the world’s leading drug discovery contract research companies. We have identified compound series that provide the basis of future development activities and are a key milestone on the pathway to taking NCE’s into clinical trials.

It was announced in late October 2021 that phase one of the NCE development program was a success. Novel MDMA-like NCE chemical series were identified with drug-like properties. Four leading compounds have been selected to be taken into in vivo efficacy analysis. The data generated will be used to support patent applications and to facilitate the development of additional lead compounds for clinical development. It was also announced the progression of the programme into lead optimisation.

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