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Awakn treatment for addictions

Addictions, including substance and behavioural addictions, represent a large and difficult to treat clinical problem, placing a significant personal and financial burden and distress on individuals, families and the national healthcare system.

Current treatments, combining a variety of pharmacological, social and psychological interventions, may be partially successful for some patients. However, it is well recognised that relapse is common, and many patients fail to respond to traditional treatments. They remain burdened by life-long difficulties with their addiction, including considerably high levels of mortality. 

Psychedelic therapies uniquely combine safe, effective, focused pharmacological agents together with a structured course of individually designed psychological therapies bespoke for individual patient needs. These therapies offer patients important new alternatives to tackling addictions that get to the root of the problem, rather than just treating symptoms. 

Providing hope for this patient group and improving the overall treatment of Addiction, is what we at Awakn are endlessly striving towards. In our clinics, we plan to bring together the latest therapies, trained therapists, psychedelic compounds and a supportive clinical environment to help end the cycle of Addiction for these sufferers and their families.


Clinic's rollout schedule:

• 2021 – Bristol, London #1 & Manchester
• 2022 – London #2, Birmingham, 3x more UK clinics & Dublin, Ireland
• 2023+ - Continental Europe

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